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Artomatic ’12

Artomatic was the first exhibition at the historic Manhattan Laundry building in Washington, D.C. in 1999. “A dozen or so artists originally toured the empty building and within a month, 350 artists had cleaned, lit, painted and presented artwork in its 100,000 square feet. Over 20,000 visitors attended the first Artomatic over six weeks (“History of artomatic,” 2009).” Artomatic’s exhibitions grew better than expected as buildings were availability by community developers and added music & performance. In 2000, 665 artists displayed their artworks and 200 performed at the old Hechinger’s building while more than 1,000 artists and performers at the Southwest Waterfront in the same year. in 2008, the recording-breaking 52,500 visitors were attended to Atomatic event; 1,540 artists and740 visual artist such as painters and photographers. (“History of artomatic,” 2009)

What’s the difference between highbrow and lowbrow? The society we live in today, highbrow is obviously means educated and lowbrow means uneducated, in the sense of art education.  I disagree with it, but that’s the way it is. High art is considered artwork that shows a neat and simple by a master. Low art would like people who live in the folk culture and can sell for a lot of money by the local community.

I choose  Barbara Duffield, a visual artist, and her artwork is the Bunny Noir. “It is inspired by music, books, and life. The images combine photography with digital painting.” Duffield says, “I’m using the techniques of digital photo-realism to create narratives that are no less real simply because the actors are furry and small.” Her artwork display is entitled “Bunny Noir Bunny Blue” on the 9th floor at the Artomatic. I love her artwork because she create the bunny in different characters with vibrant color. It’s very unique and creativity.

I would strongly recommend anyone to come and visit Artomatic in DC. This exhibition give you more knowledge about Art culture and finding yourself through art.

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Weirdo Deluxe The Wild World of Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow Art.

Fante, 2002The Surrealist movement was founded in Paris by a small group of writers and artists who uses visual art and literature, flourishing in Europe between World Wars I and II. The poet and critic Andre Breton who published “The Surrealist” in 1924. Surrealism is more of a dream perspective, which is creating something that isn’t real. Realism is a real perspective of something that is almost photo-realistic painting you see.

Lowbrow art is an underground or street visual art culture such as tattoo, comic and punk music. It’s not a big label of Art world but the most of average people do recognize it. The Lowbrow Art movement started in Los Angeles, California in the late 1970s. There’s few artists who participated within the movement, and the most notable pioneer artist for the Lowbrow Art is Robert Williams. He created the original album cover of Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite for Destruction.” “He was also responsible for the creation of the art magazine, Juxtapox, which focuses on events, art pieces, and opinions of the artists involved within the Lowbrow art movement. (Bogdan, 2012).”

See a picture of the painting called “Fante”? The artist named Owen Smith, who painted “Fante”, lived in a 1913 Craftsman house in Alameda, San Francisco. He collected the images of pulp novels and pulp magazines and fell in love with the covers of 1940s and 1950s novels. Smith mostly used oil paint on board and using a special artists’ birch plywood as well. He stated, “I’ll see something that I particularly like about the lighting of a scene or a kind of pose that evokes a certain emotion. (Jordan, 2005).” I admire his work because he has the ability to paint the image as realistically. In some of his other paintings, you will see the women wearing red in the painting, which is to emphasize the fact that she is the main character in this painting. I always find it attractive when women wearing red.

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The Art of Video Games at Smithsonian American Art Museum

The Art of Video Games is an exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Chinatown. You’ll explore the forty years evolution of video games. It’s amazing to see how much has changed in technology of video games during my lifetime. The exhibition displayed the interplay of graphics, technology and storytelling from the Atari VCS to the PlayStation 3. The video games have become part of our culture.

The exhibit was small. Each console displayed in a glass case, which you’ll see images of the four chosen/winning games in the following categories: Action, Target, Adventure, and Tactics.  The games were presented through screenshots and video footage such as some background information on how the game was created.  In a separate room, there were also five games you could play, including Super Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, Myst, Flower, and The Secret of Monkey Island.

The Sonic adventure on the Dreamcast was one of my favorite childhood. This game awed me for the first time I payed it. It’s really nice to see the demo of Sonic Adventure at the exhibition because it bought my memories back. I remember each character had different types of missions; Sonic was always faster moving, while Knuckles had to search for gems hidden through big open world levels. I clearly remember those moments when I was little kid.

I strongly recommend The Art of Video Games to anyone who interested in technology. It’s a fascinating journey through time, showing how this incredible industry has become one of the fastest growing in the world.



I was brought into life at 10:23 a.m. on November 15, 1991. I was the first generation to be born in the United States. I was born at University Medical Center Brackenridge in Austin, Texas. This hospital is only few blocks away from Texas Memorial Stadium and Frank Erwin Center (University of Texas football and basketball). You could say that I’m a die-hard Longhorns fan. My full name is Jairo Eli de los Santos de Leon, was named after the biblical name. The story of this biblical name, Jairo, was the father of a young girl resurrected by Jesus and the meaning of the name is “He Shines.”

My parents while growing up raised me.  My parents (Ramiro and Nora Elia De Leon) were both from Mexico. My mama (Nora Elia) lived in a small town Reynosa, Mexico. Life on this small town was very limited. There was no electricity, no irrigation, and very few job opportunities. My mother never planned on migrating because she already had her life settled in Mexico until she was 17 years old. My mother had 14 siblings (she was the first child) and she decided that she would migrate alone to Texas. My father lived in a beautiful city, Monterrey, Mexico and was 17 when he decided to migrate to the United States. My parents never knew each other prior to the United States. They both ended up migrating to Texas where they ended up residing in Austin. My parents went to the same church every Sunday while my dad used to be a young guitarist and my mother fell in love with him. My mother decided to date my father, and though both of my parents only planned on staying for a short period of time, they both ended up permanently residing in Austin. They both realized that there would be more opportunities in the United States as opposed to those in Mexico. The quality of life was better, the jobs were better, and the pay was also better. They both planned on having a family and they wanted their children to have opportunities that they never had. My parents ended up getting married on May 5, 1991 and that is when they had me. My parents never finished high school and never went to college. There is no history of college education in my family until I’m a first generation college student and most of my cousins did not go to college either. Despite this, from the very beginning, there was no question in my parents’ minds that I was going to college. I knew they were working hard to give me opportunities that they never had. I am eternally grateful to them for having this attitude and instilling it in me.

My brother, Aaron, and we had spent almost our childhood together. Unfortunately, I am deeply saddened when I got news from my mother about my brother. I’d not prefer to share a story about how did he died. My brother was twenty when he died, and I was seventeen. The day my brother died my world collapsed: I lost my best friend, my protector, and my life, as I knew it. There are few thoughts that bring tears to my eye. I still can’t believe that he is gone because we had great years as we shared.  My brother was born in Reynosa, Mexico, my mom left him to her mother for taking care while she migrated to the Untied States. Until the age of 5, my mother told my father about Aaron and my father decided to bring him to the United States. I first met him when I was three years old, but I never thought of him as my brother until I was around 6 years old. We’ve always played together a lot. You know every family has people who influence the lives of other members of the family. Mostly from the father’s or mother’s influence. However, in my family, my brother has influenced me the most because I respect him and I can rely on him for good advice. A lot of people said that we could pass as twin brothers because we had the same facial expressions and sign language. My brother is a hearing person and fluent in ASL. My brother would listen to my problem, asked me questions, and helped me to see the way to a solution. I feel that I can always count on my brother’s advice. I never forgot his last words to me, “Don’t ever forget wherever you go, you’re my MVP.” I’m fortunate to have a little sister, Sophia, four years old. I’ll take good care of her like my brother had done that for me. He will always be in my thoughts.

My college life. Before I went to the college, I’ve been admitted to the California State University, Northridge. I didn’t apply Gallaudet University until the few months before I graduated high school. I want to go to California State University, Northridge because I’d like to major in kinesiology (the study of human movement across a range of tasks including exercise, daily living, play sports, and work) but Gallaudet doesn’t provide that major. CSUN have a great department for kinesiology major, and CSUN has a beautiful campus. I changed my mind that I want to go to Gallaudet University due to a better social life. I am always encouraged by people, especially my Vocational Rehabilitation, my basketball coaches, and TSD teachers attend to Gallaudet because there’s a free communication environment where I can see everybody signs at the campus. In fact, I attended a deaf school from the beginning of kindergarten through high school. I grew up using ASL, which is the best fits my communicative. Gallaudet is a university for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. That’s a reason why I choose to go to Gallaudet University. Another thing, I have no idea what I want to major at Gallaudet because they don’t have a major for kinesiology. I know they have the department of Physical Education, which could almost fit this major but I don’t want to be a PE teacher in the future. Basically, I have to take General Studies Requirements (GSR) courses to find my major. During my sophomore year of college, I finally decided to major in graphic design because I’m really interesting in print design, advertising, and interface design. I like the most about Gallaudet is living on campus are the one of the best ways to enjoy your college life because I’m close to all activities from lectures to sport to social life. That’s a great way to meet lots of new faces.

My expectations from this course is to increase my knowledge the variety of cultures or arts and understanding the importance of the culture as well.